jInfer documentation

Confused by technobabble or mysterious shortcuts? Try glossary.

User's documentation

Following the tutorial, you'll have jInfer running and productive in no time!

Developer's documentation


jInfer features an extensive JavaDoc documentation.

Building jInfer

A short tutorial describing how to build jInfer from sources.


PDF dealing with jInfer's architecture 1.0 - important reading for all willing to hack the framework.

We advanced in development and the PDF for version 1.0 is not up-to-date with source codes in trunk. This PDF deals with jInfer's architecture in trunk, revision 2145.

Module developer's tutorial

Want to try out the algorithm you read about? Follow these steps to write your own inference module! As soon as you need something from NetBeans or jInfer, this document will come in handy.

Module documentation

Here is the full documentation of relevant jInfer modules.

Base module

Inference modules

Utility modules